Junior High

Overbrook School supports the academic, developmental, social, and emotional needs of students – grounding them and preserving their childhood in preparation for the high school years. We prepare junior high students with academic rigor, time management skills, study skills, increasing leadership opportunities, and most importantly, opportunities to build a solid foundation of faith. By eighth-grade, they are ready to choose a high school that best fits their needs for the young teens they have become.

The Dominican Difference

Like all grade levels at Overbrook, the junior high program is anchored in the Dominican Difference - a unique spirit that permeates the schools on The Dominican Campus. This difference flows from the person of St. Dominic, who founded the Dominican Order in the heart of the Church for preaching and the salvation of souls.
  • It is an academically rigorous approach to educating students in truth and charity within a nurturing community marked by grace, friendship, freedom, and confidence.
  • It elucidates the rich harmony of faith and reason, encouraging students to contemplation of the simple splendor of reality through the pursuit of truth wherever it may be found.
  • It emphasizes that true learning leads to wisdom and that a life of virtue grounded in friendship with Jesus Christ, who is Truth, leads to happiness, fulfillment, and joy. 

Academic Offerings
  • Math – The math curriculum offers three levels - or tracts - so that in eighth grade, students are typically in eighth-grade math, high school algebra , or high school geometry. Competitive math opportunities on the national and local level occur through enrichment and through the Mathcounts club.
  • Science – Science is taught with a belief in Faith and Reason through a Catholic worldview incorporating hands-on learning, indoor labs, and outdoor experiences. Essential to the curriculum are experiments, dissection, research, and inquiry projects. Students use the scientific method and engineering design process to master content.
  • English – Grammar and writing are developed in an organized continuum from sixth through eighth grades, developing a wide variety of skills from paragraph structure to research papers. Students expand their vocabulary and hone their writing and communication skills in preparation for high school.
  • Literature – Also in a sixth- to eighth-grade continuum, the literature curriculum exposes students to a wide variety of genres including poetry and Shakespeare study each year and fosters tools to analyze literature.
  • Social Studies – While learning historical fact students develop the ability to see perspectives of history with a Catholic worldview and discuss application to today– World History, American History, Civics and Geography
  • World Languages – Students select Spanish or Latin and their preferred track ending with the opportunity to test out of high school Spanish I or Latin I. 
Strong faith formation is often one of the reasons parents choose Overbrook and this becomes even stronger in junior high.  Students are encouraged to ask questions and search for Truth. Highlights of the religion curriculum include:
  • Old Testament Scripture studies
  • New Testament Scripture studies
  • Development of personal prayer through more reflection time both outdoors and in adoration
  • Introduction to Christian anthropology and application to living Christian life
  • Social Teachings of the Catholic Church taught and applied through service
  • Theological texts and analytical writing and discussion
  • Preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation

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