Camp Overbrook Pathfinders

Our 1st-4th grade enrichment camps provide campers with an opportunity to enjoy focused activities with some of the specialty teachers from Overbrook, including Art, Music, Science, and Outdoor Adventure with the Dominican Sisters. Full-day campers will have the opportunity to experience the wonder of Overbrook’s Beyond the Brook Farm through gardening, sheep care, collecting fresh eggs, and much more! 

  • 8:45 a.m. – Campers check-in and gather in the gym lobby
  • 9:00 a.m. – Campers participate in focused activities
  • 10:30 a.m. – Healthy snack is provided in a family-style gathering/outdoor play
  • 11:00 a.m. – Campers participate in focused activities and recap the day
  • 12:15 p.m. – Lunch/Outdoor play
  • 12:45 -1 p.m. – Pick-up in gym lobby
*1-3 pm: option for Beyond the Brook Farm Extension (Aftercare is also provided from 3-5 p.m.)

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  • Camp Adventure with the Dominican Sisters (June 8-12)

    Everything outdoors! Campers will explore our 83 acres, hiking, exploring the creek and observing wildlife. They will also learn how to set up “camp” and make exploration and survival tools in the wild.
  • Service Week with Mrs. Stovall (June 15-19 & July 6-10)

    Each day, campers will work together on a different service project. The day will begin at Overbrook, preparing specific materials for the chosen community location. Campers will then take the Overbrook bus to each site and share friendship, fellowship and love with our neighboring community.
  • Robo-Designers with Mr. Owen (June 22-26)

    Campers will grow as designers, problem-solvers and creative thinkers as we push our ideas and designs to the next level.  Each day campers will be presented new design challenges and developing new solutions working with a variety of robotics platforms, ranging from: Sphero, Little Bits, and our Vex Robotics kits.
  • STEM with the Dominican Sisters (July 13-17)

    Daily challenges with a focal point on Structural Engineering will have campers building with Kinex, hydraulic sets and Brackitz. Campers' eyes will become open to the world of Civil Engineering around them and how to make things “work” in a booming metropolis. 
  • Mixed Media Mania with Mrs. Metzger (July 20-24)

    We will explore a different medium each day! Projects will result in colorful and expressive, animal masks, pottery, painting, and a large whimsical sun print that captures your entire body in an action pose. Creativity, exploration, expression, and color filled fun will be had by all!  

Full-day Farm Extension

The full day session includes an add-on of Overbrook’s STEM centered farm. Campers will get to play in the dirt, help maintain the garden, collect eggs, feed the sheep and chickens, and get first pick of the farm fresh produce.
Meghan Guilfoil, Camp Director

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