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Overbook School invites you to join with us as we journey through Holy Week together. Each night, in this space, we will share a short reflection from some of our beloved Overbrook faulty and staff. We are praying for you during these holy days.
Even now as we find ourselves in the middle of a story whose end we cannot see, we listen and wait and watch and walk through the most powerful story that has shaped all of mankind.

Come now, as together we begin the most sublime week of love the world has ever known.

Walk Through Holy Week: Introduction

For tonight's family activity, grab your crayons, markers, or colored pencils and enjoy a few minutes of creative activity. Coloring is fun for all ages! 

Walk Through Holy Week: Holy Monday

Tonight's family activity involves two things: Jesus and your kitchen table. 

Find an image of Jesus, or perhaps the Christ Child from a nativity, and place Him on your kitchen table. You can add flowers, drawings, holy cards, or a candle and place them all on top of a piece of fabric or anything else that would make your family table something special and beautiful. 

Invite your family to offer a special prayer of thanksgiving that we can share in the feast of Christ.

Walk Through Holy Week: Holy Tuesday

Tonight's family activity comes from Bishop Spalding. 

In light of recent events, Bishop Spalding is asking the faithful to place yellow ribbons outside their homes to show Nashville that we are praying for them. If you have a yellow ribbon, please take a few moments to head outside with your family, tie the ribbon on your tree, and say a prayer as a family for Music City. 

Don't have yellow ribbon? A yellow shoelace, yellow plastic bag cut into strips, or yellow string will be a great replacement. You can also color a yellow heart on a piece of paper and post it to a front window. 

Join us in praying for all those in our great city fighting battling this virus! 

Walk Through Holy Week: Spy Wednesday

Tonight's family activity might be a good one for parents!
To help your family prepare for Easter, pick one thing in your home to have everyone help clean. Maybe it's a closet or a bathroom. Maybe you can all tackle the kitchen after dinner tonight! Whatever room you clean, remind your children that it will get dirty again. 
As we approach the Paschal Triduum and our holiest of days, we will do our best to be spotless. We will do our best to keep our homes clean! We will fail at this perfection and be glad for so happy a fault that gained for us a redeemer. 

Walk Through Holy Week: Holy Thursday

Tonight's family activity is brought to us by some of Overbrook's Preschool and 6th grade Eagles as they offered their thoughts and talents to worship through the Stations of the Cross. We are grateful tonight's power lesson is taught in every grade and classroom of our school. 

We hope you enjoy the artwork, prayers, and reflections of tonight's Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross

Walk Through Holy Week: Good Friday

Tonight's family activity centers around forgiveness. Good Friday is a perfect time to talk about forgiveness as we spend the day in awe at what Jesus Christ has done for us. 

As you gather your family, ask them to share a time they have been forgiven. In turn, ask who they can forgive. Sharing around your family's table, offering forgiveness is a great way to worship this Good Friday. 

Walk Through Holy Week: Silent Saturday

Tonight's family activity is a beautiful one! 

We encourage you to join with the faithful across the world and celebrate the Easter Vigil. Head to WatchMass.com to stream the Vigil live with Bishop Spalding at 7:00 p.m.

A blessed Easter to you and your family! 
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