Gifts of Appreciated Stock

Gifts of Stock

For tax reasons, many donors prefer to make a gift of appreciated stock.  Should you wish to donate securities to OCS, please notify the school first by writing, emailing or calling:
Sharon Huber
Director of Development
Overbrook Catholic School
4210 Harding Pike
Nashville, TN  37205
Please specify the name of the security and number of shares you are donating.  Please instruct your broker to transfer the shares to:

Morgan Stanley
Attn: Chris Long
Phone: (615) 269-2455
Account Number: 471-106400-206
DTC #0015
Account Name: The Dominican Campus
Account Address:  4210 Harding Pike, Nashville, TN  37205
4210 Harding Pike Nashville, Tennessee 37205
Phone: (615) 292–5134 Fax: (615) 783–0560
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