Glow Run

We’re excited to announce this year’s spring fundraiser – The Glow Run!

Students will join their friends and classmates in Overbrook’s gym for a fun-filled run on March 4th. In just a few weeks, family and friends can help support our school by giving pledges toward the number of laps your Eagle will run. The Glow Run will be a chance for your student to raise their own funds from family, friends, neighbors, and supporters in either a pledge per lap in the run or in a single gift.

The Glow Run will help fund student activities, teacher development, and ongoing Overbrook projects. Each dollar raised will go toward supporting the outstanding environment of strong community, strong academics, and strong faith found at Overbrook School.

Students will have ten days to raise pledges, enter donations, compete in school-wide challenges, and win great prizes. More information can be found at in the documents linked below.

To register your student for the Glow Run, click here and enter "Overbrook School" to complete the free registration. 

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