4-H Public Speaking – Nine Winners Advance

Nine 4th Grade students from Overbrook have demonstrated exceptional public speaking skills at a recent 4-H Club Meeting. As a result of their exceptional performance, the students listed below will present at an upcoming 4-H County Public Speaking contest on December 7th. 

Let's congratulate these outstanding students and wish them luck!

Sister Mary Judith’s Class
  • Juliette Conklin - 1st place
  • John Crosslin and Jackie Clark - 2nd place
  • Finley Rand and Mmesoma Umeukeje - 3rd place 
Ms. Jacquie Grytza’s Class
  • Stella Blue Miller - 1st Place
  • Elise Grenier-2nd Place
  • Mary Coleman McMurray and Emme Hickman - 3rd Place
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