Overbrook Parents Association

All parents at Overbrook School are members of the Overbrook Parents Association. The purpose of the association is to foster community between the Overbrook students, faculty, and parents, and to coordinate specific fundraising events for the school.

The association's responsibilities include:

  • coordinating and assisting in the fundraising events for the benefit of Overbrook School
  • providing an outlet for parents to become more involved in school
  • providing opportunities for parents to socialize with one another
  • providing tuition assistance
  • supporting teachers and staff continuing education opportunities

Raising Funds to Better Our School

The association's two major fundraisers are the Overbrook Basketball Classic and the annual Auction and Dinner. Funds raised by the Overbrook Parent Association support tuition assistance, capital improvements and other miscellaneous requests presented to the Executive Council.

Fostering Community

The Overbrook Parents Association helps with events such as Advent Mass, Field Day and the spring musical. Volunteers coordinate dinners for families who have just had a baby, a hospital stay or other life-changing events. The association organizes a parent education lecture series, supports the athletic department and more

The Executive Council

The Overbrook Parents Association is guided by the Executive Council and the principal of Overbrook School. The group consists of at least 15 members who are parents of Overbrook students. Executive Council members serve a three-year term. Members of the Executive Council are required to take an active role in the fundraising projects, assist in programs offered by the council and approve the use of funds.

Want to get involved?

Contact Shay Karmo at shaykarmo@yahoo.com or fill out a volunteer form.

Parents Association Sponsored Events

Annual Auction and Dinner

The Annual Auction and Dinner is one of Overbrook School’s largest social gatherings of the year.

The Overbrook Auction is also one of the largest fundraisers for the school, and for years, it has been a great way for parents, faculty and friends of Overbrook to have fun, socialize, and make purchases of donated items. In addition to the Auction night, Overbrook hosts an online auction.

Overbrook Basketball Classic

The Overbrook Classic basketball tournament is a week-long, junior high basketball tournament that draws visitors from schools across the Metro area. Students in other parochial, private and public schools participate in the basketball tournament. Overbrook parents volunteer in areas such as concessions, ticket sales, hospitality rooms and score-keeping. The school celebrates throughout the week with a homecoming-like atmosphere where students dress up and have special contests to be a part of the tournament.

Parent Education Committee

Purpose of this committee is to raise awareness, inform and educate parents on topics related to education, parenting and school related communications / relationships.

Martha & Mary Ministry

Whether it be a new baby, illness, injury, death, or other significant circumstance, the Martha and Mary Ministry (formerly known as the Sunshine Committee) helps Overbrook families with meals, transportation, play date opportunities, etc. The Martha and Mary Ministry also cares for the faculty and staff at Overbrook by coordinating birthday and feast day celebrations. Most importantly, the Martha and Mary Ministry keeps the Overbrook family in its prayers daily and arranges prayer request calendars. Requests and/or needs can remain confidential. If you have a need for the Martha and Mary Ministry, or would like to join us in this important mission, please click here.


Parents can volunteer at Overbrook to do everything from serving as a room parent to helping organize an event. There are plenty of opportunities available; complete the volunteer form on the right to see the ways in which you can volunteer and sign up online.

If you are a new parent and this is your first time volunteering, please fill out the background check form using the link below. In addition, please watch the Safe Environment Power Point Program, which is required viewing. Please print out the acknowledgement form after viewing the Power Point and return it to the office if you plan to volunteer.

Volunteer form

Safe Environment Power Point

Safe Environment Acknowledgement Form

Overbrook School Parent Volunteer Form

Overbrook School is successful because of our families!  We need all of our adults to participate in order to make the school year as rich and full as possible for all the students. To achieve this, we ask you to commit to at least one activity or event, if possible. Volunteering your time is an inexpensive way to meet the needs of our school, make an effective contribution to your child’s school experience, and show your child that you value their interests. 

We hope that each adult in an Overbrook student’s life would volunteer for something with a willing spirit. Without volunteers like you, many of these events and activities would not be possible.

ALL help is greatly appreciated. You can help during the day or at night. We welcome and need all of you to help make this a successful year for our children.

If you have more than one child in the school, please complete this form only once and return to the school.

Check all areas that interest you.​​​
If you would like to volunteer as a room parent, please fill out the separate form here.

Thank you for volunteering at Overbrook!

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