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Overbrook School students learn about newest Catholic saint to be canonized Sunday
Posted 09/02/2016 08:00AM

Overbrook School fourth-grade teacher Sister Jane Michael walked down the front row of desks in her classroom one morning this week pointing to each child, saying, “She saw Jesus in you,” “And in you,” “And in you.”

She was teaching a lesson on Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, known to most as Mother Teresa, who will be canonized a saint by Pope Francis this Sunday in Rome.

Sister told students that Saint Teresa of Calcutta was teaching in a school when she felt pulled to help the poor she saw on the streets of India instead. Answering that calling put her on the path to founding her own order and becoming known around the world for her countless acts of “small things with great love.”

“She is such a good example for students because she loves well,” said fourth-grade teacher Sister Joanna Marie. “She makes visible the love that we should have for Christ.”

This week, students surrounded a Saint Teresa of Calcutta quote on the wall outside the Overbrook chapel with cardboard flowers with prayer intentions written on the back. The quote, “Maybe I can’t do what you can do. Maybe you can’t do what I can do, but together we can do something beautiful for God,” has been on the wall at Overbrook School for years. When the church began beatification of Mother Teresa, Overbrook painted over the word “Mother” with “Blessed.” This week, Overbrook students painted over the word “Blessed” with the word “Saint.”

Students study the saints throughout their years at Overbrook School. In second grade, for example, saint projects are a tradition complete with costumes and presentations throughout the school building usually around All Saints Day. Then in eighth grade students study the saints’ lives and often take a saint’s name for their Confirmation name when receiving the sacrament.

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