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Overbrook math team tops MTSU state-wide competition
Posted 05/05/2017 01:26PM

Overbrook School’s sixth-grade math team won first place and the seventh- and eighth-grade teams won second at the Middle Grades Mathematics Competition sponsored by MTSU. 

Schools have travelled from Knoxville, Chattanooga and Memphis to participate in the competition with more than 10 schools participating. A total of 170 students participated from across the state; 19 students were from Overbrook School. 

“The goal of the event is to challenge some of our higher level students with some difficult problems. It gives the students an opportunity to be excited about math and learn some future careers in math,” said Overbrook math specialist Jacquie Grytza, who sponsors the Overbrook Math Team with parent volunteer John Liu. “This event was on the MTSU campus, which we got to spend the day touring.” 

“The goal for taking students to these competitions is to challenge each of the students to do their best in math and learn to get excited about it,” Mrs. Grytza said. “Each competition offers many different aspects besides the competition such as the ‘Lightning Round’ at St. Cecilia Math is for Girls day, which showed us how strong a couple of our seventh-grade girls are thinking quickly. The MathCounts state competition is held at the science center and sponsored by an engineering firm who talks to the students about careers in engineering. And the MTSU competition gives the students an opportunity to visit and spend the day on a college campus.” 

The Overbrook MathCounts team members participating in the MTSU state competition included: sixth-graders Connor Carr, Chanden Climaco, Matthew McMinn, Andrew Smith, Jack Spellman and Logan Watts; seventh-graders Sam Arender, Will Ducas, Emi Gilmer, Matthew Maroney, Ellie Rodgers, Stevie Strickland and Ava Thienel; and eighth-graders Blake Cathey, Ian Galloway, Patrick Karmo, Conor Kennard, Grant Krueger, and Cecilia Yezbak.


See the individual results below:

 Sixth-grade First-place Team Award and the following individual places:

  • Matthew McMinn 16th place
  • Logan Watts 9th place
  • Chanden Climaco 4th place
  • Connor Carr  1st place

Seventh-grade Second-place Team Award and the following individual places:

  • Stevie Strickland 5th place
  • Ellie Rodgers  4th place
  • Emi Gilmer 2nd place

 Eighth-grade Second-place Team Award and the following individual places:

  • Cecilia Yezbak 20th place
  • Grant Krueger 14th place
  • Patrick Karmo 13th place
  • Conor Kennard 10th place
  • Ian Galloway 5th place 

Overbrook also won the T-shirt contest and every student received a MTSU T-shirt. Grant Krueger designed our T-shirt this year.

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