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Staff writers ended the year by writing a few Op-Ed pieces.

A brush with terrorism on spring break

By Ellie Rodgers

Spring Break 2017 was something I greatly anticipated because I was so excited to be going out of the country to London, England.

We thankfully got to London safely, though the flight was very long. We started our vacation and we were your basic tourists. We went to Big Ben, the Tower of London, and on Wednesday, March 22, 2017, we went to Westminster Abbey in the morning only having to walk as it was just blocks away from my hotel. Then we left for The Lion King which we were seeing in one of London’s many historic theaters.

As the curtain came down for intermission, my dad all of a sudden had a confused look on his face. He told us that two family friends from home had already texted him to asked us if we were okay. I was confused. He began to look at the news and it was chaos. Fox News had tweeted two minutes previously about a terrorist attack that had happened at Westminster Abbey.

We walked out of the theater after the play to a scared London. There were police everywhere. We went back to our hotel and watched the news for the next hour. We weren’t necessarily scared, but we were kind of shocked.

London persevered though. We went to a restaurant for dinner nearby and the realization came upon us that though they might not have been affected physically, thousands of innocent people were affected by the reckless actions of one person. Earlier in our vacation, we had had to schedule our dinner very late because the restaurant had so many reservations. Yet when we got there the night of March 22, it was about half empty. This just shows how the innocent restaurant owners were affected by the terrorist attack.

Over all, one thing I learned from this experience, scary as it was, is that in the end there will always be people like this terrorist in our world. But we have to choose to keep going, as I learned from the people of London.

Caring about women (and girls)

By Veronica Pierce

Women’s rights are not looked at thoroughly today by the government. Yet, they mean a lot to the women of this world. Women everywhere are looked upon as a second class under men. In some places in the world, women are enslaved as children.

Why I care is because the problem is getting worse and worse. People don’t seem to care about the problem of the gender discrimination, but women are not getting paid fairly. There has recently been a story about the USA women’s hockey team saying that they won’t compete in the Olympics because they were not getting paid or cared for fairly unlike the USA men’s hockey team. The USA men’s hockey team is getting paid thousands of dollars a month, while the women’s hockey team gets about $526 a month. The men’s hockey team is also staying in nice, fancy hotels while the women’s hockey team is staying in college dorms. Instead of raising their salary and giving them a nicer place to stay, their managers decided to get other players from a high school that wanted to play. This shows how some people care so little about women. We don’t deserve this type of care. We want to be shown as strong human beings.

How can we help women though? You can contribute to a website that helps women fight for equal pay. You can write a letter to the editor in the newspaper. You can write letters to others who think that women are not equal. You can change people’s minds. Women are meant for this world.

Say good-bye to Daylight Savings

By Ava Thienel

Daylight Savings, no person really needs it.

It is supposed to help farmers, but many popular farming states such as Hawaii and Arizona do not even observe daylight savings. Today, approximately 70 countries utilize daylight saving time in at least a portion of the country. Japan, India, and China are the only major industrialized countries that do not observe some form of daylight saving.

One hour of light does make a difference but the action takes a toll of tiredness on the body. The internet constantly reminds the world that sleep and the fact that every person should not go about the day being tired is bad for you. It affects effort for the day and how you do activities.

It is said that more cars crash the week of daylight savings in the winter than any other week of the year. The United States does not need day light savings.

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