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  • Sixth Grade Course Descriptions

    October 29, 2021

    The 6th grade students will be in a modified departmental structure. Both 5th and 6th grades will share the same teachers. Emphasis for the 6th grade year will be on three elements: an integrated curriculum that shows the interconnectedness of academic subject areas, virtue formation, and servant leadership.
    The Scriptures, predominantly the books of the Old Testament, are the basis for the sixth-grade religion curriculum. The Scriptures, which record the Lord’s words and deeds, reveal God’s desire to enter into friendship with us through Creation, the Law, and the Prophets, as expressed especially through the Wisdom Books. Virtue is studied through a Scriptural lens as students see these virtues incarnate in Old Testament heroes and heroines. They apply these lessons to their lives as they learn to become virtuous leaders. Works of classic Christian art are tangible pathways to see the beauty of God’s Word. The practice of lectio divina is emphasized as a way to meditate upon and interiorize the Word of God. Time in the Atrium continues to complement classroom instruction as well as visits to the Blessed Sacrament.
    Engaging the mind to see the beauty and order of math and its application to real-world life experiences, Overbrook offers three levels of Math for 6th grade students: 6th grade level, 7th grade level, and an accelerated 7th and 8th grade combined level. All levels lead to success in high school math, offering mastery in the fundamental concepts and skills required for Algebra and higher level math at the pace of the student.   
    Students focus on acquiring overarching concepts fundamental to the understanding of Earth Systems while gaining technical fluency and applying mathematical skills. Scientific labs and engineering design method are integrated into the STEM and More learning and the Beyond the Brook Farm. Seeing the truth, goodness and beauty of the created world – and ourselves as members of it – informs all learning as students wonder, ponder, experiment, solve problems, and collaborate through an interactive course of study. An extended lab class provides the necessary time for in-depth content and collaborative investigations.
    Literature and Vocabulary
    Dynamic readers delve not only into content, but demonstrate a deeper understanding of how written communication touches our lives. Literature expresses culture, knowledge, and the complex terrain of the human heart. Studying a variety of genres of literature through the lens of a Catholic worldview, as well as intentionally integrating this study with other subjects, especially social studies, religion and English, has a powerful impact on student understanding and formation. Focus on word studies and expanding vocabulary through knowledge of Latin and Greek roots facilitates students’ communication skills and enables them to comprehend higher level content.
    Effective oral and written communication is essential and is mastered when integrated with all areas of the curriculum. This course emphasizes mastery of fundamental grammar, including clear and effective sentence and paragraph structures for effective writing. Development of essays with craft and style is integrated with the humanities and science.
    Geography and World History
    The study of Geography gives concrete expression to understanding our global society today, fostering attitudes of unity as well as fundamental knowledge of our world. The importance of culture and the importance of historical memory frame the study of History and its impact on our lives. Probing deeper into units on Ancient Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages also offers students a framework for understanding various aspects of our country’s foundations, as well as context for better understanding the events of the Renaissance and beyond.
    Classical and World Language
    Students continue the language elective chosen in 5th grade through the end of 6th grade preparing them for a confident entry into first year language course in 7th grade.
    Latin – Students continue the pursuit of Latin grammar and vocabulary building knowledge in the base of all Romance languages as well as content vocabulary for sciences. This course adopts a classical approach with a strong foundation in word study, grammar, and syntax. Students will also continue to deepen and broaden their knowledge of English derivatives, the prayers of the Church in Latin, and Latin’s enduring appeal in the beauty of accessible primary sources.
    Spanish – Students continue their study of Spanish begun in 5th grade building oral and written language skills in the context of customs, music, and traditions of the Spanish-speaking world. Students practice listening and speaking the Spanish language, as well as reading and writing in an interactive environment.
    Fine Arts
    Performing Arts
    Music electives in the Middle School continue for two years to develop fluency of skills, resulting in confidence and enjoyment of the musical art chosen by each student.
    Band – As a member of the Overbrook Band, students learn not only the intricacies of their own instrument and how to read music, but also how to play music together and create beauty in concert.
    Handbells/Choir – This class provides a unique opportunity to develop both instrumental performance within a Handbell Ensemble, as well as vocal performance in a choir. Overbrook School is most fortunate to own a beautiful set of Schulmerich handbells. Students learn the various music techniques of ringing handbells as they work toward mastering the essential skill of working together to present beautiful music for the enjoyment of others. The Middle School Performance Choir teaches students to use their vocal instrument with confidence and proficiency. At the 6th grade level, students move beyond the general music curriculum with a program of personal vocal growth in addition to a study of vocal techniques necessary for the production of excellent choral sound in unison and in harmony.
    Cantors - Students also have the opportunity to serve as Cantors, or leaders of prayer at Mass, who proclaim the Responsorial Psalm and Gospel Acclamation in song. Preparing young singers to be soloists at Mass by improving their vocal technique builds confidence to use their talents in praise of God at the service of worship.
    Visual Art
    The study of visual art forms the mind and heart to see beauty originating in God and leading us back to God. Training in observation and perspective enables the student artist to learn new techniques imitating the masters and developing their own skill and expression.
    Overbook art studio introduces all students to artists, movements, and art history emphasizing artistic expression during the Renaissance. Students will create works of art in a variety of media, including but not limited to: painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and mixed media. Full, free, and imaginative expression alongside careful, focused work is encouraged. Technique and skill development is important, yet experimentation, creative risk taking, and exploration is encouraged. Additional elective art class is available to our student artists.
    Nurturing Body and Soul: Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional Flourishing
    Atrium The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
    Following the pedagogy of The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, students continue their sacred work in the Atrium, focusing on God’s saving works through encountering the history of salvation. The experience of a holy space prepared for students to deepen their relationship with God as they study His Word and works has a lasting personal impact on the students. Time in Atrium complements their classroom study and time spent before the Blessed Sacrament in the school chapel.
    PE and Health
    Respecting our dignity as human beings, body and soul, personal growth in athletic discipline and attitudes of healthy physical fitness for life are taught and encouraged. Students will experience various exercise programs and learn nutrition, first aide, and safety setting them up for a healthy lifestyle into the future. Sports and essential skills are taught in order to strengthen individual talents and teamwork in order to build the determination and collaboration necessary for success on and off the playing field.
    Elective Opportunities – In addition to student choice of language and performing arts, students will choose to explore other interests which may include but are not limited to: art, creative writing, gardening, and competitive clubs. 
  • Sixth Grade Life Skills Classes

    In a cycle of rotating courses over the 6th grade year, students gain knowledge for how to be a virtuous leader, a kind friend, and a confident learner. Giving students time to discuss, understand and grow in life skills appropriate to the middle grades results in students’ freedom to be who God has created them to be as they grow in wisdom and grace in community with others. These rotating classes include the following:
    Life Skills – Overbrook’s school counselor along with guest speakers will cover topics students encounter at this time in their development, equipping them with skills to safely navigate difficult issues and form life-long friendships.
    Technology Skills – students will gain proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite, learning the skills necessary to create professional documents and presentations in junior high and high school.
    Digital Citizenship – Electronic devices and social media are powerful tools that can be used for good or ill. Students will learn principles of ethical and virtuous use of these technologies.
    Servant Leadership – Whether a parent or CEO of a company, every person will be called upon to lead others at various points in his/her life. As the oldest students in the school, focus will be placed on developing in our sixth graders the virtues necessary for a true Christian leader. They will be given numerous opportunities to lead within the school community and develop the virtuous habits necessary to be an effective apostle and leader in the world.
    Public Speaking – Students will be taught the art of public speaking and communicating effectively. They will learn how to present themselves well in interviews, when giving speeches, and when interacting in group settings. These lessons and opportunities to practice and present will help develop a humble self-confidence that all students need for success throughout life.
  • Unique Features of the Sixth Grade Experience

    • Servant Leadership Retreat - at the beginning of the year will help set the sixth graders on the path to serve as school leaders. The lessons learned will carry over to their year-long leadership program where students recognize needs and find ways to meet those needs.
    • Leadership of the School is shared by the 6th grade student leaders. Weekly service within the school and leading the Student Council are expectations for 6th grade students.
    •  Overbrook Traditions led by 6th grade class: Commissioning Mass and Light of Leadership, Tableau and May Crowning.
    •  Advisory groups will be set up to assist students in navigating life as a sixth-grader, as well as covering important topics and helping the students to develop servant leadership in their homes, schools, and communities.
    • Public speaking and interviewing skills will be taught in order to prepare students for the application process as they choose their next educational institution.
    • Service opportunities will exist throughout the year in order to help students share their gifts and talents with those less fortunate than themselves.
    • Class Trip to celebrate their accomplishments. The trip will have an educational and service-oriented focus.
  • The Pathway Beyond Overbrook

    Steps to help you find the right school for your child after 6th grade.
    Below is a summary of admissions procedures.
    Each school has its own deadlines. These important dates are available on school websites and communicated directly to applicants’ families by admissions teams.  Some schools may have earlier deadlines for siblings or priority admission deadlines for those who want to apply early. The admissions season begins around October 1st in Nashville, so it is not too early to start looking for dates on school websites.   
    General Guidelines - (please note exceptions for St. Cecilia in the next section)
    • Please submit requests for transcripts to the Overbrook Admissions office as soon as you submit an application to your school(s) of choice. This will to enable us to make sure that we meet the school’s deadline for sending the required information. Overbrook School needs at least one week to send the information needed and is not responsible for missed deadlines due to late requests.
    • A signed transcript release form is required for each student’s potential school(s) with the exception of St. Cecilia Academy.  We will send your daughter’s transcripts after Overbrook receives the signed request. If a school has no official transcript request form, please email and provide your consent to release transcripts and provide admissions contact information.
    • Teacher Recommendations: send the online request directly to the teachers letting each teacher know when the recommendation is due.
    • There is no need to send us addressed or stamped envelopes, as all materials will either be hand-delivered to the school or sent electronically from our office.

    St. Cecilia Academy—Independent Catholic School-Priority Admissions Process

    St. Cecilia Academy is confident that Overbrook School has a shared mission and academic rigor, and knows that Overbrook prepares our students well to succeed at SCA. Some application requirements are waived for Overbrook students. Please be aware that acceptance and enrollment is not automatic.
    • Contact Jill Bader Thompson the SCA Admissions Director, for admissions process or 615-298-4525 ext. 377.
    • Apply:  Please visit and use the Apply Now tab.
    • Overbrook students are not required to take the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) for SCA Admission.
    • Overbrook families will have priority when SCA schedules family interviews. Most SCA interviews will be scheduled starting in January. Overbrook students will be allowed to interview before Christmas. Priority status is given to Overbrook School applicants.
      Important Admissions Dates & Deadlines for SCA
      •  December 2 & December 7 - Overbrook High School Applicant Family Interviews, 3:30- 5:30 pm
      • February 1 - Application Deadline
      • February 5 - High School Regular Applicant Family Interview Day, 9-3 pm
      • February 20 - FACTS Tuition Assistance & Scholarship Application Deadline
      •  March 4 - Decisions Mailed
      • March 5 - Decisions Emailed
      • March 10 - Contract Deadline for New & Returning Families, 12 pm
      Nashville Diocesan Catholic Schools and Independent Schools
      • Please contact the admissions office of each school for their respective admissions information.
        • Please ask if the school(s) that you are considering require the ISEE. You may register your child for the ISEE online where you can select your testing site and exam date. The ISEE can also be taken online.

        Tuition Assistance

        We encourage you to check with each school about its tuition assistance process. We recommend beginning early: most schools begin this process after November 1. It is important that you follow the financial aid calendar for each school.

        From the Dominican Campus Business Office

        The Dominican Campus business office has asked that we remind you that tuition must be current for transcripts and recommendations to be sent from Overbrook School to any school. If you believe you have any outstanding bills as this process begins, please contact Denise Hayes in the business office regarding your account. The Overbrook Admissions office does not notify you if transcripts, etc., are being held due to delinquent accounts; this must be communicated and resolved with the business office.

        Final Comments
        We hope this information assists you with the admissions process for your child as they graduate and move to a new school. Kate Evertsen will be facilitating this process. Feel free to contact her or any of us if questions arise or if you need further assistance.
      • Preschool - Sixth Grade Transition Teams

        As part of the transition process, Overbrook School created implementation teams to review the existing curriculum designed to enhance the current programs, as well as, identifying opportunities to heighten leadership skills amongst all grades with particular attention to the sixth grade as they move to a leadership position within the school. 
        The implementation teams listed below have created several initiatives using the Dominican Difference as their guiding principle.
        Teams include:

        Sixth and Seventh Grade 2021- 2022 Experience
        Provide additional leadership opportunities and celebrate student successes throughout their final year at Overbrook  

        Mission and Graduate Profile 
        A committee consisting of administration, faculty, staff, and parent volunteers to meet a goal of the Strategic Growth Plan: “Revise the Overbrook mission statement to incorporate the various facets of the Dominican Difference"

        Pathway Committee
        Assist and prepare families for the transition from Overbrook to area schools 
        Sixth Grade Implementation
        Identify integrated curriculum for Sixth grade as new leaders of the school.
        Academic Implementation
        Integrate Sixth-grade program with entire school curriculum ensuring coherence throughout the grades and enhanced academic programs for all grade levels preschool – 6
        Student Life Committee
        Identify leadership, service, athletics, afterschool, and other opportunities that will enrich the student’s experience and unify the school’s culture
        Other Committees include:  
        St. Cecilia and Overbrook Marketing and Admission Implementation 

        Overbrook has key faculty and staff member representatives within various SCA committees

      January 28, 2022
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      December 17, 2021

      Since the announcement this past August by the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia to transition Overbrook School to grades preschool-6 and St. Cecilia Academy to grades 7-12 starting in 2022-2023, there have been unmistakable stirrings of the Holy Spirit all throughout the Dominican Campus. From unexpected endowments to renovations and new building projects, the campus is buzzing with growth. READ MORE

      October 1, 2021

      Greetings in Christ! Although we are nearly at the end of the first quarter of the school year, it feels like school just started! In August, we welcomed many new students and families and are happy to report our enrollment is at a six-year high. READ MORE...
      August 5, 2021
      The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia Congregation, who own and operate Overbook School (OS) and St. Cecilia Academy (SCA), are excited to announce READ MORE...


      As Overbrook School (OS) and St. Cecilia Academy (SCA) prepare to move the 7th and 8th grades to SCA effective the 2022-2023 school year, below are answers to important questions.

      JH Q&A OS/SCA

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      • Who made the decision and why?

        This decision was made by the Dominican Sisters of the St. Cecilia Congregation after their prayerful study of the available data, the recommendation of our executive committee, and consultation with Catholic School Management. Our decision was informed by 25 years of enrollment and current demographic data and an extensive junior high study that surveyed hundreds of parents, faculty, and staff, alums, parents of alums from both schools, as well as members of the diocese and parochial and independent schools around the city.
        The goal has always been to strengthen both schools, building upon our reputation of excellence in academics and faith that highlights the Dominican Difference.
      • What is the timeline for all of this?

        Beginning in the fall of 2022, OS will transition to a preschool-6th elementary school, while SCA will add 7th and 8th grade girls, becoming a 7th-12th  school. OS and SCA will work together to ensure a smooth and thoughtful transition, with faculty and staff from both schools involved in the conversations and planning.
      • Is this the right time to implement this change?

        It could not be a more providential time. This decision was not made in haste. Rather, it reflects a question that has been considered at various times and in various ways over the last 25 years. Coming out of the pandemic stronger than ever, both schools are poised to begin a new chapter.
        Both schools have exciting strategic growth plans in place that have already been set in motion. Placing this decision in the context of the larger question of Catholic schools nationally, the acceleration of challenges in our secular culture, the vibrancy of a growing Nashville and the changing landscape of schools in this city, we see that now is a most opportune time to position OS and SCA for a vibrant future.
      • Will OS girls have priority and a seamless transition to SCA, as in the past?

        Yes. Any girl from OS who wishes to attend SCA will have the opportunity for a seamless transition with even more expanded opportunities to participate in the various academic programs and co-curricular activities offered at SCA in the arts, athletics, clubs and more.
      • Where will the 7th and 8th grade be located?

        The 7th and 8th grades will be at SCA in a transitional space for the first year or two.  At the same time, we will be working on a permanent home for the 7th and 8th grades at SCA as part of the schools’ master planning process.
      • Will 7th and 8th graders mix with high schoolers?

        We recognize the distinct nature of 7th and 8th graders and the value of allowing them their own space and a program tailored just for them. At the same time, we want them to have the opportunity to be integrated into the larger SCA community when appropriate and to benefit from the school's resources, not to mention the positive example of its student leaders and faculty members.
        The integration of 7th and 8th graders into the SCA community will reflect this balance with particular sensitivity to the developmental needs of younger students. The SCA faculty and staff will work diligently to ensure that each and every student is equipped with the resources they need to excel academically, spiritually and socially.
      • What advantages will SCA 7th and 8th graders have?

        As a college preparatory school owned and operated by the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia, SCA has a 160-year legacy of excellence in the academic and moral formation of strong young women. 7th and 8th grade students will benefit on every level from the early integration into SCA, as they will gain access to various resources typically only available at the high school level. 

        Ultimately, the goal is to enhance the successful junior high program already well in place at OS by providing students with opportunities for increased acceleration and access to high school courses, fine arts and co-curricular activities.
      • Was this decision prompted by enrollment concerns?

        Our decision was informed by many factors: 25 years of enrollment and current demographic data and an extensive junior high study that surveyed hundreds of parents, faculty and staff, alums, parents of alums as well as members of the diocese and both parochial and independent schools around the city. The data collected was straightforward, leading us to decide this will be the best possible path for students and families in our community, both now and for the future.
      • Will you share the junior high study results?

        Prior to making this decision, we surveyed hundreds of faculty and staff, parents, alums, parents of alums, as well as friends and colleagues from the diocese and parochial and independent schools around the city. In the interest of preserving the confidentiality and candor with which our participants shared their ideas, we can provide a summary of the main findings.
      • When will we hear more about further details?

        Beginning fall 2022, OS will transition to a preschool-6th program, while SCA will add 7th-8th grade girls. OS and SCA will work together to ensure a smooth and thoughtful transition, with faculty and staff from both schools being an integral part of the conversation and planning. We have several tentative benchmarks throughout the year at which we anticipate being able to share the information below.

        • September – a plan for special events for current 6th, 7th and 8th graders.
        • Fall Open House – General outline of 6th-grade curriculum and experience beginning 2022-23 and general process in place to assist families in future school choices.
        • January 2022 – a plan for repurposing OS space and future 6th grade capstone experience.
        • Spring 2022 – revised mission statement and articulation of graduate profile.
        • August 2022 – OS starts school year as a preschool-6th coed school.

      Overbook Program Q & A

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      • What does this mean for boys in the 4th through 6th grades?

        We are thrilled to be able to invest even more intentionally in all of our 4th through 6th grade students by creating opportunities for their age-appropriate growth and development. Specifically, we plan to create a capstone experience for 6th grade students. As both boys and girls move on from OS after 6th grade, we will work with students and their families to connect them with the best school options for their particular situation.
      • How will this year look at OS for 6th, 7th and 8th graders?

        The 2021-2022 school year will include special events and celebrations for these students throughout the year and at the end of the year to mark the completion of their time at OS. We love our 6th, 7th and 8th graders and want this year to be positive and their best ever.
        In terms of next steps for school options, we are committed to working closely with students and their families, as well as collaborating with area schools, to find a best-fit school where each student will thrive.
      • I am an OS 8th grader. Will this decision impact my 8th grade year?

        No. 8th grade students attending OS for the 2021-2022 school year will not experience any significant disruptions to their academic, athletic and co-curricular programs. As a matter of fact, our goal is to make this year the best ever for you with special events and celebrations.
      • What alternative Catholic school options exist for OS boys?

        OS is fully committed to working with each family – boys and girls – to ensure the best junior high experience for their child. Boys in Overbrook’s preschool-6th grades will continue to have a total formative experience second to none. We encourage our junior high boys to continue their Catholic education with a number of options to choose from in our diocese. Our admissions office will work with each family to find the right placement for each student, within the diocese or an independent school.
      • Why is Overbrook the right choice for my son?

        OS exists to provide an environment of academic excellence where all students are invited into a lifelong friendship with Jesus Christ. A private Catholic school owned and operated by the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia since 1936, Overbrook has given both boys and girls a joyful, wholesome childhood on the Dominican Campus, preparing them for their continued education and for life. The expansive campus, the hands-on STEM and More science curriculum, the dedicated teachers who challenge and nurture each student, the warm community where friendships are made that often last a lifetime – this is the ideal environment for children to gain a sure foundation in intellect and character for their whole lives.
      • What does this mean for the Overbrook program

        Overbrook will become an even more vibrant community rooted in the spirit of St. Dominic with strong Catholic identity and robust academics. OS will focus on its preschool-6th program and will no longer offer a junior high program beginning in the fall of 2022.
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