Field Day is a fun-filled event set for Friday, May 6. More details coming soon!

When is Field Day this year?
Field Day will be held on-campus on Friday, May 6th, 2022.
Who is allowed to attend Field Day?
Students in K-8th will participate in all the events of the day, with Preschool visiting for a short time mid-morning.  Parent volunteers will be welcome (sign up in advance), and families may join their student(s) for the picnic lunch and afternoon activities.
What volunteer options are there this year?
A SignupGenius has been created to solicit parents to oversee activity stations and to sort & distribute lunches to classes.  We will definitely need you!
Will there be any food provided?
Yes!  A snack will be provided by the Overbrook Parent Association, mid-morning during a classroom break. This will include allergy-friendly options such as Mott’s fruit snacks and SkinnyPop popcorn.
Bottled water will be available out on the field near activities, as needed.  In addition, a popsicle will be available in the afternoon!
The dining hall will not provide any lunch service, so if you did not pre-order Jimmy John’s, please send a lunch for your child.
May I join the picnic lunch with my child?
Weather permitting, classes will be able to picnic outside to enjoy the boxed lunch (or lunch from home) before afternoon activities.  Parents are welcome!  Lunch will begin around 11:30 a.m.
Where do I find nutrition/allergy information about the food on Field Day?
The boxed lunch from Jimmy John’s will also include plain potato chips and a chocolate chip cookie.  The subs will be served with mayo/mustard on the side.
What should I send with my child on Friday?
Water bottle, as usual, and lunch if you chose not to purchase the boxed lunch.  Check the weather in case sunscreen is needed!
What is the dress code for Field Day?
Blue and Gold team attire.  Dress in colorful clothing to represent your assigned team (link HERE), following out of uniform guidelines.
When is the event over?  Is it a regular school day?
We will have an early dismissal at 2:00 p.m.  After lunch, families and students may enjoy free time at the activity stations and inflatables and enjoy a popsicle until dismissal.
Will ExtendedCARE be available?
No.  We will not be able to offer ExtendedCARE.
How can I see pictures of my child on Field Day?
We will have someone take photos throughout the day and post on OS social media.  Feel free to follow us!
What is the inclement weather plan for Field Day?
There will not be a rainout date.  If the weather is not conducive to the outdoor event (due to rain, lightning or standing water), the event will be slightly modified and moved indoors.  The purchased boxed lunch will still be distributed to those who pre-order.
When will the decision be made if the event must be modified?  Will my child still be able to have the snack and boxed lunch on Friday?
Weather will be watched closely and a decision made by Thursday.  Yes, we will still provide the snack and lunches.

Questions About Field Day? Please email Heidi Chretien or McColl Curtiss.

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