Welcome Overbrook Graduates, your family, friends, and all those gathered tonight for our inaugural, and hopefully only, digital graduation ceremony.
I am sorry we are not gathered together this day to celebrate your accomplishments throughout our years together. I hope you know that while this digital ceremony isn’t how you or your family dreamed this year would end, we wouldn’t have dreamed of letting an opportunity pass to celebrate and support you.
We are grateful for each of you.
You’ve made our hallways brighter, our field trips more fun, our classrooms more engaging, and our 83rd year one to remember. When I look back on the year, I will always see your leadership in serving the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and leading the school through our annual Rosary Walk as some of the bright spots of our time together.
I am grateful for the ways your faith and love of Jesus Christ, our Blessed Mother, and our Holy Roman Catholic Church have grown.
As you begin a new adventure next year where so much will be new for you, I want to remind you of our theme for this year- “Behold, I am with you always.” Where you go, you will go with excitement for the future, encouragement for learning new things, and a reminder that Jesus Christ goes with you. Always.
I am grateful God saw fit to share you and your families with us during your time at Overbrook School.
God bless you now and always.

Each year, our 2nd graders are paired with our 8th graders for a year of book reading, Mass going, and friendship building. To celebrate the end of school, our 2nd graders usually line the halls along with the rest of the school and clap our 8th graders out of Overbrook School.

Traditions are an important part of our strong community at Overbrook, so we asked a few friends from the Class of 2026 to pray for their friends in the Class of 2020.

Joining private schools across Nashville, Overbrook lit its stadium lights at 20:20 for 20 minutes, honoring the class of 2020.

We are excited to continue to celebrate and support Overbrook's outstanding graduates! We pray they always shine brightly with the Light of Jesus Christ.

Light the world, Graduates!

Registration for Camp Overbrook 2021 will open February 15th!
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