A Day in the Life

Our school day begins each morning with community prayers. While we welcome students and families of all faiths, we joyfully live out the liturgy of the Catholic Church through study, prayers, and celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass together each week. The Sacred Scriptures remind us “His mercies are new each morning,” and we lovingly call to mind these mercies every day at Overbrook Catholic School.
After prayers, our students spend the day in rigorous, but age-appropriate classes where strong, devoted educators prepare them to know themselves, to know their Creator, and to know His deep love for each of us.

Forming students in truth and love so they might transform the world in the same, each class at Overbrook Catholic School is focused on preparing students academically, intellectually, and personally for success in school and in life. At Overbrook Catholic School, we uniquely help preserve childhood while helping our students grow in responsibility and flourish in self-knowledge and self-mastery. We work every day to be sure our students become people of integrity who know themselves and give of themselves to others. 

Whether in our STEM-focused farm, 10,000-title library, colorful and engaging classrooms, science labs, fine-arts studios, or nationally-acclaimed Atrium, OCS students move about our campus with an age-appropriate mastery of every subject area. Formed in the Dominican tradition, our students each year build upon a solid foundation to gain more in-depth knowledge and understanding of these subjects.
Overbrook Catholic School is dedicated to graduating students who are organized, thoughtful, and expressive young citizens of the world who have completed a rigorous course load along with many extra-curricular activities. Ending the school day with the Act of Contrition and prayers. After-school programs provide students of all ages with countless opportunities for growth in clubs, school leadership councils, after-school optional classes, athletic teams, and volunteer opportunities.

The faculty and staff, along with families, alumni, and friends of OCS, work daily to create an
an environment where students can freely and excitedly wonder, learn, and grow.
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