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Planting the seeds of faith in our students’ souls has ramifications far beyond the years during which they attend our schools. Those seeds are meant to bear fruit in eternity. 
In 1860, four sisters of St. Mary’s in Somerset, Ohio came to Nashville, Tennessee

Bishop James Whelan, Nashville’s second bishop, “wished deep religious instruction to go on apace with the studies and accomplishments which Southerners loved so well…” and wanted the sisters to open a school. Since coming to Nashville in 1860, the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia Congregation have fulfilled their vocational mission of education, leading students to a more profound knowledge of their faith, their heritage, and their responsibilities as members of society. The Dominican Sisters live by the four pillars of the Dominican charism: prayer, study, community, and preaching.

In 1923, the Order had purchased the property on Harding Road where Overbrook Catholic School now sits. Noting the purchase, the Nashville Banner reported: “This is one of the most attractive localities and properties about Nashville and the Sisters announce a determination to establish a school in keeping with the locality and the high standards of the best in music and art.”

Overbrook Catholic School opened in 1936, named Overbrook School at the time, and proudly welcomes Nashville’s sons and daughters today for a Catholic, co-ed experience. The school is owned and operated by the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia and maintains close ties to the strong faith-based academic heritage of its founding.

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