School News


  • April

    Athletics at OCS

    Student: Kate P.
    OCS sixth grader Kate reviews athletic programs offered.
  • Overbrook Catholic’s Farm

    Student: Nikolas A.
    OCS sixth grader Nikolas reflects on the fruits of Beyond the Brook Farm.
  • March

    S.O.A.R. Like an Eagle

    Student: Finley R.
    OCS sixth grader Finley highlights the academic enrichment program.
  • Let’s Go, Eagles!

    Student: Sophie S.
    OCS fifth grader Sophie shares reflections from Eagle athletes.
  • February

    Steps to Heaven

    Student: Perpetua B.
    OCS fifth grader, Perpetua, shares about her classmates' faith and prayer life.
  • January

    Empowering Students Through 4-H

    Student: Mia D.
    Fifth grader Mia D. shares teacher and student reflections on the benefits of 4-H.
  • Terrific Teachers

    Student: Juliette C.
    OCS sixth grader, Juliette, celebrates teachers new to OCS.
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