Catholic Elementary

Academic Excellence
Overbrook Catholic School students have a reputation for consistently outperforming their peers in Nashville elementary schools when they matriculate to junior high school. We attribute this to a superior academic preparation grounded in strong reading, writing, and mathematical skills. Graduates also possess the confidence of servant-leaders who give their best to the world.  

Grades 1 - 4

In addition to providing an environment that grounds children in the truth and nourishes the moral imagination, these formative years are the time for students to master foundational reading skills and active engagement in mathematical concepts, as well as learn about the person of Jesus Christ and His Church. Nature studies encourage children’s powers of observation and attentiveness to the world around them. Third and fourth-grade students are introduced to Latin, which helps with grammar and vocabulary and offers them exposure to the rich cultural heritage of the Catholic Church.

Grades 5 - 6
Students at this age deepen in self-mastery and a spirit of academic inquiry and discipline. An integrated curriculum helps them make connections between subjects, with a particular focus on growing in a responsible use of freedom through virtue formation and servant leadership. In their final year at OCS, sixth-graders enjoy opportunities to lead younger students and act as school ambassadors. They participate in special events, including a capstone learning experience.

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