An OCS Education

Overbrook Catholic School seeks to graduate students who are formed in wisdom, knowledge, and truth and who can transform their world in the same Catholic worldview. By mastering a rigorous, academically appropriate course load throughout their time at OCS, our alumni will be able to confidently take their next steps toward adulthood.
As one of Nashville's premier Catholic schools, academic excellence is an everyday occurrence. Our faculty and staff daily strive to provide the children with all they need to excel in school and in life. Students grow personally and are stretched intellectually under the guidance of a faculty committed to caring for each student as an individual. 

Academic Success

Nurturing the Individual
The exceptional faculty of Overbrook Catholic School honors the dignity of each child and encourage the development of their individual gifts. Our highly qualified faculty and staff work in tandem with parents, accompanying each child from kindergarten through sixth grade to meet students’ educational, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs. In addition to classroom teachers, OCS has a full-time reading specialist, a math specialist who directs our SOAR enrichment program for gifted students, a full-time school counselor, a nurse, and a resource specialist.

The widespread offerings of our faculty and staff serve to nurture and educate children each day to fulfill the school’s mission promise to root children in Truth, inspire them to wonder, and challenge them to give their best to the world. It is this dedication and commitment to excellence that is the reason why Overbrook Catholic School is consistently considered among the best private schools in Nashville.

Academic Success

  • Students in grades 1-6 traditionally score above grade level on the STAR reading and math tests by national norms.
  • Qualifying students have participated in the Duke Talent Identification Program and take the SAT or ACT college entrance exams as seventh graders and participate in Duke TIP programs. Each year students have received state-level recognition and twice in the last three years national recognition. 
  • Students participate in math and language competitions and typically score as top finishers.

Beyond Overbrook Catholic School
Again and again, we hear praise from high schools about the caliber of OCS graduates. With their strong academics, character, confidence, critical thinking, and preparedness, our students shine beyond Overbrook.

To learn more about how Overbrook Catholic School assists students to matriculate to junior high school, please click here.


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  • Catholic Preschool

    Books, letters, colors, numbers, prayer, and playtime are the essential ingredients in Overbrook Catholic School’s early childhood program, which began in 1986. In preschool, teachers guide students using the Montessori approach as they begin to develop skills that will lead to reading, writing, math, and a life-long love for learning in preschool. Learn MORE.

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  • Catholic Elementary

    Students in the primary grades at Overbrook Catholic School progressively build a solid foundation of academic skills and a love of learning, preparing them for success in the upper grades. Students are exposed to a diverse, well-rounded curriculum that builds upon previously acquired basic skills, while developing new ways of learning and thinking. Learn MORE.

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