Tuition and Financial Aid

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  • $5,625

    for P3 Program, three days a week

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  • $7,495

    for P3 and PreK Programs, 4 days a week

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  • $9,375

    for full-time preschool program (Fees: $100 a year for preschool students)

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  • $15,565

    for Lower and Upper School (Fees: $150 a year for Lower and Upper Schools)
ExtendedCARE is available after dismissal for all students. 

Overbrook School believes in forming students in wisdom, knowledge, and Truth so they may transform the world in the same. As one of the top-performing independent Nashville Catholic Schools, we are committed to inviting qualified students and their families to apply. Through generous donations and financial stewardship, we are able to offer financial assistance to applicants who qualify. As well, we offer a multi-student discount to families with more than two students enrolled on the Dominican campus.

Sibling Tuition Discount

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  • Who is eligible to receive the multi-student discount?

    • Siblings enrolled at Overbrook School and/or St. Cecilia Academy
    • Families, including employees, with three or more children enrolled
    • An employee is not eligible for both the Employee Tuition Discount and the Sibling Tuition Discount. Only one discount will apply. 

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  • Additional Information

    • Families with one or two children enrolled would receive no discount
    • Families with three children will receive a 25% discount for the third child
    • Families with four or more children will receive a 25% discount for the third child and a 50% discount for the fourth and any subsequent children
    • The discount will always be applied to the youngest child
Tuition assistance is verified by FACTS and we encourage families to view the online process information and aid overview document for more information.
Overbrook School students have a reputation for consistently outperforming their peers in Nashville elementary schools when they matriculate to junior high school.  Learn More.  Additionally, our Nashville preschool program provides a Catholic Montessori-based 3 and 4-year-old preschool program focused on hands-on, experiential learning. Learn More.
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