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6th Grade Leadership

Why 6th Grade?
Sixth graders are especially open and enthusiastic in sharing their gifts and guiding younger students. They respond well to adult direction and mentoring as they continue to mature during this pivotal year. 

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  • Leadership Definition

    -A participation in the leadership of Jesus Christ
    -Involving the exercise of influence
    -That moves others toward goodness and the Kingdom of God
    -That respects the proper dignity of those being led
    -That works through the whole spiritual and moral being of the leader
  • Emphases of the Year

    -Readiness to give an explanation for the reason for the hope that is in them
    -Pursuit of the Truth
    -Freedom to excel
    -Wonder and contemplation
    -Confidence and independence
    -Generosity in service
  • Monthly Virtues and Saints

    -Hope: Blessed Jane of Aza
    -Studiousness: Saint Thomas Aquinas
    -Humility: Saint Dominic
    -Patience: Saint Catherine of Siena
    -Fidelity: Saint Peter of Verona
    -Cheerfulness: Blessed Pier Giorgio
    -Temperance: Saint Margaret of Hungary
    -Obedience: Saint Hyacinth
    -Diligence: Saint Martin de Porres
  • Service Projects

    -Monthly reading or recess with second-grade buddies
    -Morning ambassadors
    -Weekly recycling pick-ups around campus
    -Mass set-up, clean-up, and altar serving
    -Student-initiated family service project (from the idea that charity and leadership begin at home)
    -Visiting the elderly at Mary, Queen of Angels Assisted Living Community
    -Thank you cards for the police department
    -Open House tours to prospective OCS families
    -Food sorting at Second Harvest Food Bank
    -First Reconciliation cards for their buddies
    -Farm work at Hanning Homestead
The heart of our sixth-grade program is the leadership component, emphasized most specifically through the Called to Greatness course. The mission of Called to Greatness is for the sixth graders to encounter Jesus Christ and His personal love for them, and then to share that love through the practice of virtuous leadership, in imitation of St. Dominic.

The course kicks off with an out-of-state leadership retreat in August, led by a Dominican friar to teach about St. Dominic and leadership. Meeting weekly throughout the school year, students follow a curriculum based on the text True Leadership (Youth Readership Edition), by the Habiger Institute for Catholic Leadership. The curriculum focuses on the definition of true leadership, virtues, character, vocation, gifts, and the mystery of the Cross and Resurrection as a pattern for Christian growth. Each month students focus on learning about and putting into practice a new virtue, accompanied by a relevant saint.

To connect students with the wider community, guest speakers come regularly to share their experiences and encouragement with students. Recent guests have included local Fraternus leaders, former college-campus missionaries, non-profit employees, and even a Catholic homesteader.

We at OCS believe that following in the leadership of Jesus requires that leadership be based on service. Sixth graders set an example for the rest of the school in what it means to be a servant leader, whether within their communities, families, or social circles. From weekly recycling duties to conducting service projects around town at Second Harvest Food Bank or Hanning Homestead, our students are taught to consider the good of their neighbor and build Christ-centered communities.

Since a life of service and virtue comes from a prayer life or reverence and zeal, students are led to build their prayer lives through daily praying with the Psalms, regular Adoration, and serving weekly at Mass.

Pope Benedict XVI

"The ways of the Lord are not easy, but we were not created for an easy life, but for great things, for goodness."
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