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St. Catherine of Siena said, “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”
At Overbrook, we aim to help students find who they were meant to be as they grow through study, prayer, community and service. Junior high -- grades six, seven and eight -- is an important time of self discovery for students. Overbrook's junior high is structured to give students more freedoms with electives for music and language along with more responsibilities by participating in and running organizations like the Student Council and National Junior Honor Society. Read more about the activities exclusively for junior high below.

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  • Altar Servers

    Working as an altar server is a volunteer opportunity for the sixth grade. Students rotate weeks of service, which consists of assisting during Mass and setting up before and cleaning up after weekly Mass. Volunteers, who are trained by older students and the Overbrook sacristan (a Dominican sister) will learn how to serve and participate more fully in the Mass.
  • Morning Ambassadors

    The Overbrook Morning Ambassadors is a group comprised of mostly sixth-graders who volunteer to open doors and help other students out of their cars during morning drop-off. A parent also volunteers each morning as an ambassador.

    Rain, cold and wind do not keep these students away as they greet their school mates every morning of the week with a smile and a helping hand. Ambassadors choose to work one or two days a week from 7:15 a.m. until the first bell. Parents participate in this group, helping to direct traffic in the morning drop-off line.
  • National Junior Honor Society

    Founded in 1929, the National Junior Honor Society was created to “recognize and encourage academic achievement while developing other characteristics essential to citizenship in a democracy.” The ideals of scholarship, character, service, leadership, and citizenship – which are the pillars of the society – remain as important today as they were in 1929. At Overbrook, in the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapter, the National Junior Honor Society recognizes the student who upholds the five qualities and strives to live them.

    NJHS Pledge
    I pledge myself to uphold the high purposes of the National Junior Honor Society to which I have been selected, striving in every way by word and deed to make its ideals, the ideals of my school, and of my life.
  • Student Council

    The Overbrook Student Council is open to junior high students in grades six to eight. Eighth-graders are elected as officers and representatives are elected from the other grade levels. Leadership is the most important component of the Student Council, with service to school and the community as its focus. Student Council members serve as role models to all of the students and as Overbrook ambassadors to the community.
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