Overbrook Cross Country Runs Strong

It was a great day for the Overbrook Cross Country team at the championship race this weekend.

Overbrook fielded many top 20 performers throughout all of the Kindergarten- 8th grade races. Notable top 3 performances include Caitlin Wall (2nd Place 3rd-4th Grade Girls), Peter Perri- (2nd Place 3rd-4th Grade Boys), William Nation (3rd Place 3rd-4th Grade Boys), and Caroline Perri (2nd Place 5th-6th Grade Girls).

The Overbrook Girls 7th-8th Grade team had a strong showing, led by Chloe Crosslin (6th Place), followed closely by Liza Bertani (18th Place). The girls were rounded out by Kate Stankewicz and Rachel Vi. The four girls came together to edge out St. Bernard Academy by 1 point to claim the 4th place team trophy.

Way to go, Eagles!
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