Overbrook School Begins Yearly Maple Tapping Project

When Fourth Grade Teacher Caitlin Pearson looked at the weather, she knew a perfect maple tapping lesson was about to take place. The forecast called for rain, a multi-day hard freeze, with warmer days to follow. A recipe of perfect-temperature days would yield superb maple sap harvesting for Overbrook’s fourth grade classes.

The Dominican Campus is home to more than Overbrook School. When Sister Marie Noelle, the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) facilitator at Overbrook, noticed how many healthy maple trees populated Overbrook’s 83 acres, lessons in the scientific method, engineering design process, metric conversions, biology, meteorology, chemistry, math, and religion began to take shape.

“Overbrook School’s approach to STEM is unique in the current academic market,” said Sister Marie Noelle. “By focusing on non-screen approaches to problem-solving, critical thinking, and the engineering design process, Overbrook students learn in an environment that encourages wonder. Projects like the annual maple-tree tapping teach our students multi-discipline lessons while helping them appreciate the beauty and love of the Creator.”

Tapping the maple trees on campus is the start of a months-long project ending in the bottling and sale of Overbrook Maple Syrup, with every stage of the project completed by Overbrook students. Hands-on STEM projects are a part of the curriculum at every grade, in every classroom at Overbrook. By focusing on purposeful, ordered, and intentional ways to engage students in STEM, students grow in the love, wisdom, and Truth of God as they navigate the natural world He created.

Founded in 1936 by the Dominican Sisters of the St. Cecilia Congregation, Overbrook is a co-educational, preschool through eighth-grade independent Catholic school with a dynamic tradition of educating children through study, prayer, and service.
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