Steps to Heaven

Student: Perpetua B.
OCS fifth grader, Perpetua, shares about her classmates' faith and prayer life.

It is important to have faith and believe in God, because He is our creator and savior. He chose you when He could have chosen anyone else. God picked you to love and carry on the faith. Believe that you were chosen so do what you were made to do. Prove to God that you can do it and take the chance. Do not let other wonders and thoughts bring you down. God knows what is best for you. He loves you and OCS will help you love Him.
Where can we pray in peace? Second grader Elizabeth says somewhere you can pray in peace is the Atrium or your house. These are great ideas because in Atrium you not only pray with God, but you also get to learn about Him, which you can also do at home. Elizabeth has a mind fully ready to learn about Christ. She is excited to have her First Communion. She is also extremely excited about her First Reconciliation.

At OCS during second grade, we receive sacraments. Another second grader preparing for the sacraments, Cassian, thinks some good places to pray without being bothered are also the chapel and church. These options are fantastic because the monstrance which holds God is in the chapel and you get to have Mass with God in the church. If I were you, I would think of trying these ideas. Cassian enjoys learning about God and knows he is safe with Him. OCS enjoys teaching kids about faith and how God is always watching over us.

Why do we pray who do we pray? Who do we pray to? Fifth grader Sophie, religion teacher Ms. Emily Shore, and principal Sister Marie Blanchette, O.P. say that we pray because "praying is a way for us to talk to God through our hearts,” and we ask Mary and the saints to join us in prayer. “We speak to the saints to help us with specific intentions and prayers for God," they explained.

You should always remember to trust in God and love Him because He loves you. God will always protect you and be there for you. You can pray in those amazing spots that Elizabeth and Cassian suggested, or choose another spot. Thank you for your time, and you are always welcome here.
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